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Welcome to the Brewer Family History Website

This website serves the needs of Brewer family members throughout the world. All information provided here is public and sharable. If you have questions or suggestions for improvement, please contact the Webmaster here.

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Latest Changes To Family Data

 14 Aug 2014William Bowden & Unknown
 23 May 2014John Burnett & Ellender L. Duff
 03 Nov 2013Joseph Nesbitt & Sarah Bell
 02 Aug 2013Gideon L. Staggs & Nancy R. E. Murphy
 02 Aug 2013Gideon L. Staggs & Eliza Wilson
 08 May 2013James Griffin & Nancy A.
 08 May 2013Albert J. Griffin & Mary J. Bowden
 02 May 2013Charles Willis Bowden & Elvira D. Ladd
 09 Mar 2013Herman Wilson Nutt & Goldie M. Brewer
 09 Mar 2013Doctor Taylor (Dock) Brewer & Oma Mae Smith
 08 Mar 2013Earl Jasper Brewer & Mai Jennings
 08 Mar 2013James Henry Brewer & Mary Columbus (Lum) Brewer
 28 Dec 2012Sidney E. Bowden & Mariah Staggs
 09 Sep 2012Lanier Brewer & Narcissus?
 09 Sep 2012Henry M. Brewer & Mary Cockman
 28 Jul 2012Grady George Brewer & Lillie Ann Pearl Bowden
 14 Jul 2012Bee Pollock & Eunice
 14 Jul 2012Robert Asbury Pollock & Nancy Staggs
 04 Jul 2012James C. Allison & Mary Georgia Brewer
 24 Sep 2011Tina Lynne Davis