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Michael Bumbaugh

Gender: Male
Mr. Bumbaugh
Mrs. Bumbaugh
Birthdate: 28 Sep 1784
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Christ. Date:
Christ. Place:
Death Date: 13 Aug 1863
Death Place: Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Burial Date:
Burial Place:


Source for Michaels Birthdate, place -- David G Brewer (
Submitted by Larry A WHEELER     
     7471 98th St S Cottage Grove MN 5501
2003-08-11 22:10:16
Research Notes -- David G Brewer (
1750 - Georg Bombach's Will in 1780 

Posted by Dorothy Bumbaugh  


That on the 7th day of January ADomi. 1780. George Bombach of 
Northumberland county being sick and weak of body, but of perfect mind 
and memory made his will verbally for the want of paper & clerk in the 
following manner, before us the subscribers. First his will was that his 
wife should keep his plantation, and live on it, to raise up the young 
children till they were of age, and then every child should have alike, 
and my wife shall have her living out of the place, as long as she 
liveth. Edward Oatley. Jacob IM(his mark) Mattocks,~ Northumberland 
County Ss Personally appeared before me the subscriber, Register for the 
probate of Wills and granting letters of administration for the county 
of Northumberland. Edward Oatley & Jacob Mattocks witnesses to the above 
nonconsecutive will & being duly sworn as the law directs saith that the 
were personally present and heard George Bombach express the words above 
mentioned as his last will and testament, and that the said Geo. Bombach 
was in his propondences. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my 
hand the 26th day of June 1780.

J: Simpson, Reg.

1775 - Codorus Chronicles - York Co., PA 974.841 H25c Vol 3
	Volume 3 number 4 p. 9  Civil Court Docket April Term 1775

	134 - Klein, Frederick, vs George Bombaugh.  Capias Debt.

1780 - CS49.299 p4 - 1780 Tax Lists for PA

? Bumbach		Lncr:PT
Benja. Bumbach	Chst:CV
George Bumbach	York:MR

1783 - Gibson's History of York Co., PA

p. 612
Taxables of Manchester, Manchester TWP 1783
George Bumbach

1788 - A Standing Stone 974.873 H25s
	Vol. 1 Number 4 p. 2

26 May 1788 Deed Henry Wisaw (Wisard) of Woodberry Twp, Huntingdon Co. to Jacob Broombaugh  wit.
George Brombaugh.

1789 - Gibson's History of York Co., PA

p. 389
Annual conference of the Codorus Dunker Church was held with Conrad Brombach as an elder or bishop

1789 - Film #42408 pt. 1 Grantees/Grantors of Franklin Co., PA

Book 2 Page 111
Grantee: John Brumbaugh
Grantor: John Davis
date: Sept. 25, 1789
Kind: Deed
Date of record: Nov. 10, 1789
Location: Antrim 106 acres

1792 - A Standing Stone 974.873 H25s
	Vol. 1 Number 2 p. 5
	Will & Admin. Abstracts, Huntingdon Co., PA Will Book

Anthony Sell of Huntingdon Town, husbandman:
Grandson Abraham Bumbough, only child of his daughter Esther w/o Conrad Bumbaugh  dated 7 Jan 1792

1802 - 975.595 P2g Shenedoah Co., VA abstracts of wills

Will Book F P. 30

John Strickler, Parish of Beckford, County of Shenandoah.  My half-brother: Isaac Strickler - part of
land which was tevsitet (sic) between him and his brother, Daniel Strickler, as tevsitet and apart
from John Roads, Peter Hestant and Samuel Stover, it being part of his father's estate.  Exor:  John
Wit: Daniel Strickler and David Beaver
Dated: 18 Jan 1802		Proved: 13 Sep 1802

1804 - Film #0323834 Franklin Co., PA Orphans Court Index

p. 162
Brumbaugh, Jacob
Petition & award of writ to partition real estate
1804 vol. A p. 168
return & confirmation vol. A p. 215

1805 - Film #0382820 Franklin Co., PA probate, wills, & land

p. 11
Deed Book - Page 52
John Brumbaugh and wife Elizabeth, Samuel Ulrey and wife Mary (late Mary Brumbaugh) of Bedford Co.,
PA., to Henry Brumbaugh of Washington Co., MD.  Jacob Brumbaugh, late of Washington Co., MD., died
intest--leaving land "Timber Bottom"

1810 - 975.595 V2a Shenandoah Co., VA Marriage Bonds 1772-1850

Boombaugh, Mich'l -- Clinedinst, Mary
Jan. 19, 1810 Bondsman: John Holler

1810 - 
	David Bumbaugh born in Maryland

1810 Census - Shenendoah Co. VA

1810 Census-Shenendoah Co., VA p. 41
Head	FWM			0-10	11-15 16-25 26-45	46- 	FWF	0-10	11-15 16-25 26-45 46-
Michael Bumbaugh    
	1	0	2	0	0		0	1	0	0	0
Thomas Bumbaugh		0	0	1	0	1		0	1	0	0	0

1815 - Isaac Bumbaugh born in Virginia

1819 - James Bumbaugh born in Maryland

1820 Census - Franklin Co., Washington TWP PA

	Bomebaugh, Daniel	100100  10100  0100
	Bomebaugh, John	200010  20200  0100
	Bomebaugh, Michael	500010  10010  0100
1827 - Emily Bumbaugh born in Pennsylvania

1830 Census - Franklin Co., Washington TWP PA

	Brumbaugh, Michael  1123001  2000001
	ditto antwerp TWP
	Brumbaugh, David  00000001 (50-60) 221001
	Brumbaugh, Elias  00010    0

1840 Census - Franklin Co., Quincy TWP PA

p. 251
David Brumbaugh	12001101 - 20001
Michael Brumbaugh	00014011 - 01100011

Huntington Co., Woodbury TWP
p. 146
Rombaugh, John

1850 Census - Franklin Co., PA Quincy TWP

	40 42
	Michael Bumbaugh	66 M Miner - 420	PA
	Magdalene		64 F				Virginia
	David			40 M Moulder		Virginia
	Isaac			35 M Moulder		Maryland
	Emily			23 F				PA
	James			31 M Founder		Maryland
	Joseph		34 M Forgeman		PA
	Mary J.		18 F				PA
	William		29 M Moulder		PA
--->>>	Check Frederick County, Virginia for James Brumback, Joseph,too

1860 Census - Fayette Co., Pennsylvania Nicholson TWP

	59 59
	Wm. Davis Farmer 6000 1000	59 M Pa.
	Emily					35 F
	John						20 M
	Mary						15 F
	Sarah					14 F
	Samuel					12 M
	Hannah					 9 F
	Cathren					 8 F
	Emily					 6 F
	Wm.						 4 M
	James					 2 M
	Susan					10/12 F
*	Michel Bombaugh			80 M
1860 Census - Fayette Co., PA Springhill TWP

	1743 1741
	J. W. Bombaugh	42 M Miner - 300	PA
	Isabella		36 F			PA
	Eliza J.		18 F			PA
	Mary			16 F			PA
	Caroline		11 F			PA
	Jno. W.		 8 M			VA
	Joseph		 6 M			VA
1860 Census - Franklin Co., PA Quincy TWP

	426 419
	David Bumbaugh	49 Master Moulder 50	VA
	Sarah			45			PA
	Daniel		26 Day Laborer	PA
	Michael		19			PA
	Adelaide		17			PA
	James			17 Day Laborer	PA
	Catherine		10			PA
	Samuel		 6			PA
	Isabel		8/12			PA
	John Bumbaugh		27 Moulder 100	PA
	Barbara			28 Washerwoman	PA
	Samuel			 5			PA
	Mary				 3			PA
	David			 	1 born Feb 1859	PA
	Caroline Hippenstar	15 Servant		PA

Brumbach families by G. M. Brumbaugh pg. 799

Davis Family Bible

1840 & 1860 PA Census Franklin County Quincy TWP

1920 Census -

Found Bumbaugh's in Franklin Co., Quincy City, also Mont Alto in Franklin Co.

Found Samuel Bumbaugh 65 bn. Pennsylvania with Margaret (59) and Charles E. (17) living in Mont Alto,
Franklin, PA

misc - Gibson's History of York Co., PA

p. 273-4 The Pennsylvania Germans 1884

(After talking about the opposition of Germans to public education)... And the encouraging fact is
worthy of mention, just here, that one sect even of the Tunkers - "The Brethren" have advanced so far
in the matter of education as to establish an institution of learning (called, it is beleived, the
Normal College), at Huntingdon, conducted on the general plan of other similar schools, and which is
under the exclusive supervision and control of men of that particular faith.  Elder James Quinter as
its President, who together with H.B. Brumbaugh, Dr. A.B. Brumbaugh, and J.B. Brumbaugh consitute the
board of trustees...

929.2 B834b Volume 2 Brumbach Families - Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh
Michael Brumbaugh married Mary ________, and according to the statemenets of the late Joseph
Brumbaugh, the family lived at or near Funkstown [Franklin County] and Carlisle, Adams County, PA. 
The sons were "men who work in forges, and mostly talked of iron." The children were at least seven,
Joseph, born Dec. 7, 1816 & Isaac, David, James, William, Emily, and Mary.

Joseph Brumbaugh, born Dec. 17, 1816, at Funkstown or Carlisle, PA, went to Virginia in 1834 and many
times returned to Pennsylvania to revisit his parents.  He was a " Forgeman"; member G.B.B. CH.
[German Baptist Brethren Church] and September 20, 1840, at New Market, Shenandoah Co., VA, married
Mary E. Cauldwell, born July 8, 1822 at Pine Forge, Shenandoah Co., VA; daughter of Mark and Mary
(Smith) Cauldwell.  Mary died May 8, 1891 at Conicville, Shenandoah Co., VA and Joseph died Dec 24,
1908 near Liberty Furnace, same county.  Both were buried at Conicville.

IGI 1992 edition:

Pennsylvania #1311

James Bumbaugh married Isabella Peterson abt 1839
	Film #F516906 0015
John Bumbaugh bn 15 Oct 1829 child child SP: 1 Dec 1990 Dallas
	Film #F516906 0017
Joseph Bumbaugh bn 17 Dec 1817
	Film #F516906 0017 (altered)
Elizabeth Bumbaugh bn 27 Dec 1824 child child SP:1 Dec 1990 DA
	Film #F516906 0017 Michael and Mrs. Magdalina Bumbaugh
Michael Bumbaugh bn 28 Sep 1784
	Film #F516906 0017 Spouse: Mrs. Magdalina Bumbaugh
William Bumbaugh bn 8 Aug 1820
	Film #F516906 0016 Michael & Mrs. Magdalina Bumbaugh
Sandra Kinter
8221 Idaho Dr.
Ft. Wayne, Ind 46815
	Has Brumbaugh ancestry in Huntingdon Co., PA

	Contact Dean Kinter (219) 747-9321

Index to Gibson's History of York Co., PA

Brumbaugh, 241
Klinedinst 187,194,180,201,188,187,188,194
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