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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
Charles E. Neuman Other Spouses:
    Birth: 20 Apr 1827 - Franklin TWP, Adams County, Pennsylvania
    Death: 24 Jan 1899 -
    Marriage: 21 Dec 1851 - Pennsylvania
Mary J. Bumbaugh
    Birth: 04 Jul 1831 - Pennsylvania
    Death: BEF 1865 -
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
   Elizabeth Newman
    Born 1851 - Pennsylvania
     Died -
  John Byers Newman
    Born 25 Jan 1853 - Quincy TWP, Franklin County, Pennsylvania
     Died -
   Emily Hadassa Newman
    Born 20 Dec 1854 - Quincy TWP, Franklin County, Pennsylvania
     Died -
   Horace Bradley Newman
    Born 06 Jan 1856 - Quincy TWP, Franklin County, Pennsylvania
     Died 21 Feb 1857 - Funkstown, Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
1850 Census - Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Quincy TWP - 28 Aug 1850

  97 103
  Peter Heefner
  Charles Newman  23 M Wagoner  Penn

1860 Census - Adams County, Pennsylvania
Franklin TWP - 8 June 1860

  67 67
  Charles Newman   33 M Showmaker     Penn
  Mary J.          29 F           150 Penn
  Elizabeth         9 F               Penn
  John              7 M               Penn
  Emily             6 F               Penn

From Scott Bumbaugh (

Mary J. (possibly T.) Bumbaugh, daughter of Michael Bumbaugh and Mary Magdalina (Polly) Clinedinst
Mary J. Bumbaugh was born 4 July 1831 in Pennsylvania.
On 21 December 1851, probably in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, she married Charles E. Neuman (also
spelled Newman).
Charles E. Neuman was born 20 April 1827 in Franklin Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania.  He died
24 January 1899.
Mary and Charles had three children:
1.)  John Byers Neuman, born 25 January 1852/1853 in Quincy Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.
2.)  Emily Hadasa Neuman, born 20 December 1854 in Quincy Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.
3.)  Horace Bradley Neuman, born 6 January 1856 in Quincy Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania;
died 21 February 1857 in Funkstown, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.
Mary J. Bumbaugh evidently died between 1856 and 1865, because Charles remarried.
Charles E. Neuman married Amanda Brown on 24 December 1865, probably in Franklin or Adams County,
Amanda Brown was born 2 August 1842 in Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Jacob H. Brown and
Mariah Rahn.  She died 16 August 1907.  Charles and Amanda had eight children:
1.)  Fannie E. Neuman, born 23 September 1866 in Pennsylvania; died 3 April 1885.
2.)  Oliver Neuman, born 6 November 1867 in Pennsylvania.
3.)  Florence Iuka Victoria Neuman, born 16 April 1868 in Pennsylvania.
4.)  Mary N. Neuman, born 17 November 1870 in Pennsylvania; died 24 December 1949.
5.)  Charles Neuman, born 1 April 1872 in Pennsylvania.
6.)  Charlotte S. Neuman, born 16 November 1874 in Adams County, Pennsylvania.
7.)  Alberta Neuman, born 1876 in Adams County, Pennsylvania.
8.)  Calby Ault Neuman (a son), born 1879 in Adams County, Pennsylvania.

Charles' birthdate is listed in his wife's bible.
1860 census for Franklin Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania, page 78, lines 9-13, dated 8 June.  It
lists Charles Newman [sic] (aged 33, PA; shoemaker); Mary J. (aged 29, PA); Elizabeth (aged 9, PA);
John (aged 7, PA); and Emily (aged 6, PA).  Note:  is the Elizabeth Newman listed on this census the
same as the Elizabeth C. Bumbaugh, born 1851, who is listed in Mary J. Bumbaugh Neuman's family
1870 census for Mt. Pleasant, Adams County, Pennsylvania, page 295, lines 12-16, dated 4 August.  It
lists Charles Newman (aged 43, PA, farmer); Amanda (aged 28, PA); Fannie E. (aged 3, PA); Olaver
[sic] U. (aged 2, PA); and Florence V. (aged 1, PA).
1880 census for Union Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania page 276.  It lists Chas. Newman (aged 48,
Farmer, PA; parents born in PA); wife Amanda (aged 34, PA; parents born in PA); daughter Fannie (aged
14, PA); son Oliver (aged 12, PA); daughter Florence (aged 10, PA); daughter Mary (aged 8, PA);
Lottie (aged 5, PA); Charles (aged 8, PA); Alberta (aged 4, PA); and Calby Ault (aged 1, PA).
!IGI provides the birthdates for all the children except Alberta and Calby Ault Neuman (Newman).  The
1880 census indicates that Oliver and Florence Neuman (Newman) were two years apart in age.  There
must be an error in the dates provided in the IGI.  IGI also indicates that the family lived in
Hanover, Pennsylvania.  However, the 1880 census indicates they were in Union Township, Adams County,
Pennsylvania.  Hanover is on the county line, but it is in York County.
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