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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
Mr. Bumbaugh
    Birth: -
    Death: -
    Marriage: -
Mrs. Bumbaugh
    Birth: -
    Death: -
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
  Michael Bumbaugh
    Born 28 Sep 1784 - Pennsylvania
     Died 13 Aug 1863 - Fayette County, Pennsylvania


Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
I've created this family as a holding-place for research notes on the parentage of Michael Bumbaugh.

Misc. - From "Old and New Westmoreland", by John N. Boucher and Fenwick T. Hedley
  American Historical Society 1918
  A History of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

  Frank D. Bumbaugh
  Frank D. Bumbaugh, the Capable and energetic vice-president and manager
  of the Monessen Foundry and machine Company, is a member of a family
  which has been most closely identified with the growth and development
  of the great steel industry, in that part of Pennsylvania. He is a son
  of James and Isabel (Peterson) Bumbaugh, both of whom are natives of old
  Virginia. Mr. Bumbaugh, Sr., was an expert financier, a pioneer in the
  iron and steel business in West Virginia, and operated one of the old
  charcoal furnaces of that time. He removed to McKeesport, Pennsylvania,
  in 1869, and was there identified with the steel and iron manufacturing
  business until his death in 1877. He was a descendant of a family which
  came originally from Saxony, Germany, the immigrant ancestor, Andrew
  Bumbaugh, having come to this country prior to the Revolution. The
  Bumbaugh family has been prominent for many years and furnished soldiers
  for the Patriot Army in America's war for independence. The original
  place of settlement was eastern Pennsylvania and from here the members
  of the family went to Virginia.

  In this same book it mentions William S. Bumbaugh b. in Morgantown, WV
  October 26, 1866 to James and Isabel. He was the youngest of 12
  children. His mother died when was 1 1/12 and he went to his sister's in
  McKeesport to live and at the age of eleven his sister died.

1785 - From Delores Rutherford on

  Here are the marriage bonds filed in Shenandoah Co., VA to 1850.

  Michael CLINETENST & Elizabeth HUFFMAN - 17 Nov 1785 -
  Bondsman: Peter SINGUE.

  Mary CLINEDINST & Michael BOOMBAUGH - 9 Jan 1810 -
  Bondsman: John HALLER/HOLLER(?).

  Sally CLINEDINST, dau. of Michl., & John PATTON - 15 Feb

  David CLINEDINCH & Mary GIBBITTS, sister of Thomas -
  1 Jul 1820.

  Elizabeth KLEINDINCH & Benjamin CRANSTAFF - 14 Oct 1820 -
  Bondsman: Michl. KLEINDINCH.

  Isaac KLANDENT & Lydia HOLLER/HALLER(?), d.o. Augustine -
  7 Mar 1825.

  Cathrine KLEMDENST & Levi BARTON - 1 May 1827.

  Caroline CLINDINST & Charles W. HUTCHESON - 6 Apr 1850 -
  Bondsman: Isaac CLINDINST.

1750 - Georg Bombach's Will in 1780 

Posted by Dorothy Bumbaugh  


That on the 7th day of January ADomi. 1780. George Bombach of 
Northumberland county being sick and weak of body, but of perfect mind 
and memory made his will verbally for the want of paper & clerk in the 
following manner, before us the subscribers. First his will was that his 
wife should keep his plantation, and live on it, to raise up the young 
children till they were of age, and then every child should have alike, 
and my wife shall have her living out of the place, as long as she 
liveth. Edward Oatley. Jacob IM(his mark) Mattocks,~ Northumberland 
County Ss Personally appeared before me the subscriber, Register for the 
probate of Wills and granting letters of administration for the county 
of Northumberland. Edward Oatley & Jacob Mattocks witnesses to the above 
nonconsecutive will & being duly sworn as the law directs saith that the 
were personally present and heard George Bombach express the words above 
mentioned as his last will and testament, and that the said Geo. Bombach 
was in his propondences. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my 
hand the 26th day of June 1780.

J: Simpson, Reg.

1775 - Codorus Chronicles - York Co., PA 974.841 H25c Vol 3
	Volume 3 number 4 p. 9  Civil Court Docket April Term 1775

	134 - Klein, Frederick, vs George Bombaugh.  Capias Debt.

1780 - CS49.299 p4 - 1780 Tax Lists for PA

? Bumbach		Lncr:PT
Benja. Bumbach	Chst:CV
George Bumbach	York:MR

1783 - Gibson's History of York Co., PA

    p. 612
    Taxables of Manchester, Manchester TWP 1783
    George Bumbach

1788 - A Standing Stone 974.873 H25s
	Vol. 1 Number 4 p. 2

    26 May 1788 Deed Henry Wisaw (Wisard) of Woodberry Twp, Huntingdon
    Co. to Jacob Broombaugh  wit. George Brombaugh.

1789 - Gibson's History of York Co., PA

    p. 389
    Annual conference of the Codorus Dunker Church was held with Conrad
    Brombach as an elder or bishop present.

1789 - Film #42408 pt. 1 Grantees/Grantors of Franklin Co., PA

    Book 2 Page 111
    Grantee: John Brumbaugh
    Grantor: John Davis
    date: Sept. 25, 1789
    Kind: Deed
    Date of record: Nov. 10, 1789
    Location: Antrim 106 acres

1790 Census - Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
    Hopewell, newton, Tyborn, and Westpensboro

    P. 12
    Andrew Bombach
    1 Male over 16
    3 Males under 16
    2 Females

    Daughin County
    P. 162
    Conrod Bumbaugh
    2 Males over 16
    1 Male under 16
    3 Females

    York County
    David Clindinst
    2 Males Over 16
    3 Males Under 16
    3 Females

    John Bumbaugh - 2 houses down from David Clindinst
    1 Male over 16
    2 Males under 16
    1 Female

1792 - A Standing Stone 974.873 H25s
	Vol. 1 Number 2 p. 5
	Will & Admin. Abstracts, Huntingdon Co., PA Will Book

    Anthony Sell of Huntingdon Town, husbandman:
    Grandson Abraham Bumbough, only child of his daughter Esther w/o
    Conrad Bumbaugh  dated 7 Jan 1792

1800 Census - Pennsylvania

  Dickenson, Cumberland County
  Andw Bomback 33--1 1--1
  3 Male born 1790-1800
  3 Males born 1784-1790
  1 Male born before 1755
  1 Female born 1790-1800
  1 Female born 1755-1774

  Franklin, Adams County
  John Bumbaugh 21-1- 1--1--
  2 Males born 1790-1800
  1 Male born 1784-1790
  1 Male born 1755-1774
  1 Female born 1790-1800
  1 Female born 1755-1774

    Harrison, Dauphin County
    Conrad Bumbaugh --1-1 --2--

    Donegal, Lancaster County
    George Bumbach 2--1- 11-1--
    Susana Klein 1---- 1--1--

    Antrim, Fayette County
    John Brumbaugh ---11 1--11

    Hopewell, Huntingdon County
    Jacob Brombouch 2-3-1 31--1
    Mary Davis 3---- ---11

    Woodberry, Huntingdon County
    John Brombough ---1- 4--1-
    Jacob Brombough 3--1- 4--1-
    George Brombaugh 3---1 2221-
    John Brombaugh 2--1- 2--1-

    Quemahoning, Somerset County
    Cunrod, Daniel, Jacob, William Brumbaugh

1802 - 975.595 P2g Shenedoah Co., VA abstracts of wills

    Will Book F P. 30

John Strickler, Parish of Beckford, County of Shenandoah.  My half-brother: Isaac Strickler - part
of land which was tevsitet (sic) between him and his brother, Daniel Strickler, as tevsitet and
apart from John Roads, Peter Hestant and Samuel Stover, it being part of his father's estate.  Exor:
 John Broombaugh
Wit: Daniel Strickler and David Beaver
Dated: 18 Jan 1802		Proved: 13 Sep 1802

1804 - Film #0323834 Franklin Co., PA Orphans Court Index

    p. 162
    Brumbaugh, Jacob
    Petition & award of writ to partition real estate
    1804 vol. A p. 168
    return & confirmation vol. A p. 215

1805 - Film #0382820 Franklin Co., PA probate, wills, & land

    p. 11
    Deed Book - Page 52
    John Brumbaugh and wife Elizabeth, Samuel Ulrey and wife Mary 
    (late Mary Brumbaugh) of Bedford Co., PA., to Henry Brumbaugh of
    Washington Co., MD.  Jacob Brumbaugh, late of Washington Co., MD.,
    died intest--leaving land "Timber Bottom"

2007-04-22 19:36:39
From Scott Bumbaugh -- David G Brewer 
From Scott Bumbaugh (bumba 'at', submitted 22 April 2007:

Here is the promised information on Andrew.  Mind you, I have not made a definite link between our
Michael and Andrew, but what information I have uncovered is compelling.  Here is what I have:
Andrew Bumbaugh (also known as Andreas Baumbach; Andreas Bumbach; Andreas Bumback; Andrew Bombach;
Andrew Bomback; Andrew Boombach).
Born:  about 1757
Place:  Possibly Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Married:  unknown
Died:  Possibly between 1823 and 1826
Place:  unknown
Information gathered from:
Note:  It has not yet been definitively proven that Andreas Bombach (Andrew Bumbaugh) is the father
of Michael Bumbaugh.  Nonetheless, the evidence is pointing more and more in that direction.
Andrew Bumbaugh's name was spelled in various ways:  Andreas Baumbach; Andreas Bumbach (see
Revolutionary War service references); Andrew Brumbaugh (see orphans' court records under father's
notes); Andrew Bombach; and Andrew Bomback.
Information from National Archives, Washington, DC.  Baumbach, Andreas.  Count Pulaski's Legion,
Continental Troops (Revolutionary War).  Private.  Card numbers 37065663 and 242217.  It indicates
that Andreas Bumback [sic]X Appears with the rank of Private on a List of Payment Made to the Company
of Chasseurs of Gen' Pulaski's Legion, Revolutionary War, dated Yorktown March 19, 1779. 
Commencement of Pay 2 May, 17__.  Time of Service 9 months 29 days.  Pay per month 8 1/3.  Whole pay
83-0-5 dolars [sic].  Andreas Baumbach [sic] Pvt, 12st Co. Infantry in the Legion commanded by
Brigadier General County Pulaski, Revolutionary War, Appears on Company Muster Roll of the
organization named above for the month of Mch, Apl, May, June & July 1779.  Roll dated State of S.
Carolina, Chs Town, July 27, 1779.  Remarks:  Discharged March the 15th, 1779.  [Note:  there was
nothing else in the records to indicate age or origin.  I also have a question as to his service.  If
he was discharged in March of 1779, why is he on the company muster roll in July of 1779?  His time
of service was almost ten full months.  Did Andreas enlist in 1778?] 
Old and New Westmoreland:  Genealogical and Personal History under Editorial Supervision of Captain
Fenwick Y. Hedley.  The American Historical Society, Inc.  New York.  1918.  Volume 3 (of 4) pages
256-258.  In his biography, Frank Downey Bumbaugh identifies "Andrew Bumbaugh" as the immigrant
ancestor.  He further states that "Andrew Bumbaugh" had served in the American Revolution.  See below
Index to Revolutionary War Service Records Volume 1: A-D.  Transcribed by Virgil D. White.  The
National Historical Publishing Company.  Waynesboro, Tennessee.  1995.   page 357.  "Bumbach, Andreas
or as Andreas Baumbach, srv. as a Pvt. in Count Pulaski's Legion of Continental Troops.
Revolutionary War Service Records (database online), Orem, Utah.  Ancestry, Inc. 1999.  It records: 
Andreas Bumback, Private, Roll Box 116, Continental Troops.
1790 census for Cumberland County, Pennsylvania (index page 77)  records an Andrew Bombach.  It lists
one male over age 16 (Andrew), as well as three males under age 16, and two females. 
1800 census for Dickenson Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania records an Andw [sic] Bomback. 
It records three males to age 10, three males to age 16, one male 45 and up, one female to age ten,
and one female from age 27 to 45.
1810 census for Dickenson Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania records an Andrew Bumbach.  It
lists two males to age ten, two males from age 17 to 26, one male over 45, two females to age 10, one
female to age 16, and one female from age 26 to 45.
1820 census for Dickenson Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania page 44 records and Andrew
Boombach.  It records one male 19-26, one male over 45, one female 17 to 26, and one female over 45.
I do not find Andrew on the 1830 census for Pennsylvania.  I think that he probably died between 1823
and 1830.  Judging from the above listed censuses, I estimate that Andrew had about twelve children,
eight boys and four girls.  I was unable to find any church records for them in Cumberland County,
Pennsylvania.  Likewise, I was unable to find any grave markers relating to Bumbaughs from that time
period (there are Bumbaughs listed later in the 1800s).  Is it possible that they might have attended
a church either in Adams or Franklin Counties and are buried there?
1820 Dickenson Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Tax Rates, page 127.  It lists Andrew
Bumbeck with one cow valued at ten dollars.
1821 County Commissioners Septennial Census for Dickenson Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. 
It lists Andrew Bumbach a Diger [sic] of Mine.  [Note:  Andrew is NOT listed on the 1828 Septennial
Census for Cumberland County.]
1823 Dickenson Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Tax Rates, page 55.  It listrs Andrew
Bombaugh, a laborer valued at twenty dollars, with two cows valued at twenty dollars (total tax value
forty dollars).  [Note:  Andrew is NOT listed on the 1826 Tax Schedule for Dickenson Township.]
Heads of Families at the First U.S. Census, Pennsylvania.  By U.S Bureau of the Census, Washington,
1908.  Volume 15, page 459.  This book lists an Andrew Bombach, born during the 1750s in
Indictments 1750-1800 Cumberland County, Pennsylvania page 147.  #2038.  Margaret (Peggy) Bombach
stole 1 muslin sheet from George Cruse and also a piece of silk of Sarah Myers and a pair of
stockings belonging to Jane Rutledge (22 January 1800).  NOTE:  I do not know if this Margaret
(Peggy) Bombach is related to Andrew.  It could be a daughter or his wife.  I looked up the
indictment, but no other family members were mentioned in it.  I am including this information
because I believe that Margaret is related somehow.
History of Cumberland and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania, Chicago, 1886.  Volume 15, page 460.  This
book records an Andrew Bombaugh.  It indicates that he was a "master forgeman".
E-mail letter from Dorothy Bumbaugh dated 5 October 2004.  It reads:  "Scott, I have to agree with
you on Andrew being Michael's father.  Now, I would just like to know who Andrew belongs to.  Andrew
was still living when the elder Gorg Bombach [Johannes Nickel Bombach's older brother] in 1780, and
it mentioned his children in the sale of his estate, so [Andrew is] not his.  He [Andrew] is also too
old to belong to one of Gorg's sons.  I still think he is a son of Johannes Nickel Bombach, who is
Gorg's brother, who came to America in 1743.  This may be the one that is talked about going to
Virginia and marrying a girl and having a lot of children.  I would give anything to find him.  In
the 1790 census Andrew has a son over 16 [this is an error], and in 1800 he has 3 to the age of 16
and in 1810 when Michael [Bumbaugh] married Mary [Magdalena Clinedinst], he is no longer at home. 
Then in 1810 there is Thomas and Michael [Bumbaugh] in Shenandoah County, Virginia.  So, since there
were three under the age of 16 in 1790, this may be two of them.  Then in 1820 in Washington
Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania there is Daniel, John, and Michael.  I'm pretty sure that
these are all brothers and they all belong to Andrew.  What do you think?"
E-mail letter from Dorothy Bumbaugh dated 2 November 2004.  It reads:  "I may have found Johann
Nickel [Bumbaugh].  I had gone to the library in Ft. Wayne a few years ago and while I didn't think I
had found the ship he arrived on, now I may have been wrong.  I think it may have been the Aurora in
1744.  At least there is a Johannes and he couldn't write, so someone else had written it for him and
here [in the register] it looks like Dombach.  I will scan it and send it to you and see what you
think.  I also posted some court records for you to look at on the msg board on the name
Bumbaugh.  I think this is our Johann Nickel Bombach who has passed and left orphans.  One of them
being Andrew and the other son is John.  This is from the year 1761 in Lancaster county.  I know it
is not spelled Bombach here, but I have found it spelled Brum . . . I have not found anything on the
son John mentioned here, but I will continue to look.  On the records from the immigration it gives a
date which is May 5, 1743, and I'm not sure if that is the departure date or the arrival date."
The reference that Dorothy Bumbaugh makes to the Aurora is found in Pennsylvania German Pioneers,
page 368, the first column.  At the bottom of the page it reads:  Ship Aurora, October 8, 1744.  List
105 B.
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Orphans' Court dated December 1760.  It reads:  At an Orphans Court
held at Lancaster for the County of Lancaster the first Tuesday of December 1760 before Emanuel
Carpenter Esquire and his companions judges &c:  Casper Bruner Administrator &c of John Brumbough
deced produced to the court the acct of their administration on the estate of the said deced whereby
there appears to be a balance in his hands of L 112 . . . 11 . . . 10 which after deducting 12/ their
expences at this court is reduced to the sum of L 111 . . . 19. . . 10 is distributed as follows
!The acct of her admeon on the estate of the said deced whereby it appears there is a balance in her
hands of L 278 . .  15 . . 6 which after a deduction of 12/ their expences at this court is reduced
to the sum of L 275 . . . 1. . . 6 which is distributed as follows viz, the widows third L 91. . .14.
. .0.
To John the eldest son 52 . . . 7. . . 8
Mathias 26. . .3. . .11
Catharine 26. . .3. . . 11
Anna Maria 26. . .3. . .11
Dorethea 26. . . 3. . .11
Andrew 26. . . 3. . .11
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Orphans' Court dated June 2, 1761.  It reads:  Stephen Hornberger &
Magdalena his wife late Magdalena Brombaugh & Casper Briner admr. of the estate of John Brumbaugh
dec'd exhibit their account of their admon (?) [administration ?] of the estate of the said deceased
by which it appears that there is a balance in their hands of thirty-one pounds one shilling & four
pence, which acct being approved of by the court the same ballance [sic] after deducting 12/ to this
court is ordered to be distributed as follows
To Stephen Hornberger & Magdalena his wife widow of the deceased--L 10 . . 3 . . 1 1/2
To Magdalena the daughter of the deceased . . . L 20 . .6 . . . 2 1/2
In pursuance of an order of this court of the 22d day of April 1761 the sheriff of Lancaster County
returned the said order with an inquisition thereto annexed, by which the said sheriff & the jurors
in the said inquisition named returned to this court that the residue real estate, Lands and
Tenements late of Casper Bowman deceased which remain unsold by the admn of the goods, chattles &
credits of the said deced consisting of two certain pieces or parcels of Warrant land situate in the
town of Strasburg one of them containing about 15 acres and the other of them about 50 acres with the
appurtenances whereof the said Casper Bowman dyed possessed could not be divided to & amongst all the
children of the said Casper Bowman deced without injury to & spoiling the whole, and that that the
said two pieces or parcel.  On reading the petition of Stephen Hornberger & Magdalena his wife &
Casper Briner, wch ad Magdalena & Casper are admrs. of the estate of John Brumbaugh deced & Philip
Shriner an infant daughter of ad deceased setting forth that the said John Brumbaugh dyed intestate
possessed of a certain piece of land contg abot [sic] 50 acres for wch is a proprietary warrt but no
survey & left one child an infant then abt 2 years old whose share of the personal estate of the ad
deceased as setled [sic] & distributed at this court amounted to the sum of 20 . . 6 . . 2 1/2 and no
more---and that the buildings on the same piece of land and fences were much out of repair and wod
[sic] take the chief part the residue of the personal estate to put them in order & wod [sic]
likewise require the most of the timber on the same land whereby the value of it wod [sic] be much
reduced & that it would be more to the advantage of the said infant & its estate if the same land
shod [sic] be exposed to sale & the money arising therefrom put to use for the ad infant and praying
that the court wod [sic] grant an order impowering them the ad admrs. by way of public venue to sell
the said piece of land to enable them the better to bring up maintain & educate the ad infant & for
the improvmt [sic] of the residue of its estate.--It is considered by the court & ordered at the ad
admrs do on the 22d day of June instant  expose to sale the said piece of land with the appurtces
[sic] by way of public vendue for the purpose in the prayer of the petition mentioned & that the sale
be held on the premises & notice thereof be given as by the act of assembly is directed & that the
petrs make report of their procedings to the next court.
The above two orphans' court records were posted by Dorothy Bumbaugh on 1 November 2004 on the message board.  She adds this note as a preface to the records:  "I am posting this here
but am not sure if it is Bombach or Brumbach.  I will write the name as it appears and it is spelled
differently several times.  Could this be the Johann Nickel Bombach I have looked for ever so long?" 
As a side note, the Johann Nickel Bombach that Dorothy Bumbaugh has been looking for is the brother
to her husband's immigrant ancestor, Gorg Bombach, who came to America in December 1740 on the ship
Samuel, arriving in Philadelphia.  Gorg Bombach was born in Webenheim, Saarland, Germany.  He also
had a brother who came to America in 1743 and his name was Johannes Nickel Bombach.  There was also a
sister who married a Gross and settled in New York.
Dave, I should point out that if Andrew is our progenitor, and if he is the son of the John Brumbaugh
mentioned above, then I have a lot of information to give you.  I had a researcher send me a lot of
information on the ancestry of this John Brumbaugh.
Our Michael Bumbaugh's son, Joseph, used the surname Brumbaugh, as did his children.  I have done a
lot of research on this side of the family.  Perhaps it was Andrew that changed the name, and Joseph
reverted to the original spelling.  I could find absolutely no wills, orphans' court records, church
or cemetery records for any Bumbaughs in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.  The only court record I
found was relating to the indictment of Margaret (Peggy) Bombach.  I did not go to the court house to
see if they had a file on it.  The court case might provide some additional information.   It is
possible that the family was attending a church either in Lancaster County (to the south) or Franklin
County (to the west).  I haven't been able to check into these possibilities yet.  I really need to
check out the court records in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. 
I hope this information is of use to you.  I have been working hard on the family, but hit dead ends
everywhere.  I would desperately love to document all of James Bumbaugh and Isabella Peterson
Bumbaugh's children, but haven't had much success.  
2007-04-22 19:35:23