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Stillborn Son Brewer

Gender: Male
Grady George Brewer
Lillie Ann Pearl Bowden
Birthdate: 01 Sep 1924
Birthplace: Wayne County, Tennessee
Christ. Date:
Christ. Place:
Death Date: 01 Sep 1924
Death Place: Wayne County, Tennessee
Burial Date:
Burial Place:

Research Notes -- David G Brewer (
1924 - Death Certificates of Wayne County 1914-1925

Brewer, Infant, b. & d. 1 Sep., 1924.  Father: Grady BREWER, born Tenn.;  Mother: Lillie BOWDEN, born
Tenn.  No place of burial given.

Garry Wayne Brewer wrote:

I have a true copy of the death cert. The book is the Cemetery Records of Wayne County, the death
index is in the back, but the copy of the death cert. said. Full name: no name, Sex Male, Race White,
Infant, death: premature birth, still born, person giving information: Carrie Brewer of Collinwood,
Tenn. filed with Sarah Lay,. I never could find the death cert on the little girl, between 1919 and
1926, so the someone didn't report the death, my Dad Willard said he walked behind the wagon at the
both burial, the children, both the boy and girl were buried at the Bowden/Staggs cemetary where,
Cyintha, Peter, Nancy, Winnie and the other sister are buried off of Little Dog Creek. The cemetery
is reserved in the deed sale of 1938, but not listed in the Wayne County Cemetery books. In 2003,
Herbert Brewer and I went up Little 48 Creek, but there is no home left and the cemetery is in forest
now. Aunt Lois is the only one who knows where its at now.
2007-05-30 14:34:05